MD’s Chamber
The secret of getting ahead is getting started” Initiated in the 1968 as the small manufacturing unit, Steelair has been providing various steel products across India and other countries. For years it has been satisfying many customers and is still trusted for the quality we procure. We have attained proficiency in design, manufacture, testing and dispatching high strength steel goods.

Steelair has come across various obstacles along the way and have overcome each obstacle with confidence and victoriously. The dedication shown by employees in completing challenging projects were all time have been efficient and quick. I totally credit our personnel for the achievements we have gained so far and now we are more confident than before for the future with new and innovative methods for challenging tasks. We create values where along with commercial investments we also respect, attend and fulfil the task with the motive of accomplishing the promise given to them on time.

A business is not done only on the basis of the competitive market but also with the experience we leave behind. We create a work scenario which is been loved by our employees. We absolutely believe where there is joy of work, the experience of fulfilment spurts out. Ours values are not limited only to customers but also to every other links and dealers associated with us. We are dedicated as an association to protect & develop the wealth of our shareholders who are relied on our services and production.